Help for the Smile Powered Synthesizer


Hotkeys Type any three numbers to set the tempo eg. 090 for 90BPM eg. 120 for 120BPM Arrow Up - add more bars Arrow Down - remove a bar Arrow Left - previous instrument Arrow Right - next instrument A - 808 B - Backing Percussion C - Clear D - Closed Hat E - Clack F - Toggle control panel visibility G - Toggle Text H - Toggle video frames overlay I - Change Impulse filter J - Previous Instrument K - Next Instrument L - Toggle Speech M - Metronome toggle on or off N - Toggle Video Frame copying O - P - If MIDI File loaded play next sound Q - Quiet mode (mute / unmute) R - Record* S - Snare T - Toggle Instrument Text visibility U - Change Drum pattern V - Toggle video on screen W - Cowbell X - Tap tempo with x-x-x-x key Y - Reset the help Z - Reset the help SPACE BAR - Load a random instrument for everyone! sub (* means beta feature) OMG I can't believe you are still here! Secret Keys are as follows CAPS Lock - developer debug TAB - show more info on screen

Welcome to the PhotoSynth Smile at the screen FOR SUPER POWERS!

Roll your head left and right to change the note Tilt your head forwards and backwards to change octave

Then open you mouth to make it louder! Change instruments by closing both eyes for 1 bar or by tapping your face on screen to select an instrument from a list hold your finger on your face for one bar to see all instruments Facing left plays the black keys Facing right plays the white keys Use your eyes to shape the sound Connect a MIDI instrument and click the MIDI button In order to play the MIDI instrument with your head You can change tempo using the arrow keys Or just type a 3 digit number to set a BPM Or tap the x key in rhythm a few times