PhotoSynth 3InterFACE

Smile Powered Synthesizer

An experiment in computer control by designerzen. By allowing your webcamera access, every movement of your face and mouth will control aspects of music. Pressing the screen or holding your eyes closed will change instruments.

Warning : Please be very careful if you are photosensitive. Contains flashing lights.

Augmented Reality Synthesizer

How many people are going to participate?

Kid friendly version with a simpler interface suitable for beginners

Advanced mode with MIDI connectivity and many more controls

Shared controls that apply to all players
Global settings and options

Don't Panic!

Load critical data
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If this seems to be stuck loading forever, please try the following

  1. Clear your browser's cache and hard refresh (ctrl-shift-r)
  2. Open the app in Private Browsing mode
  3. Try in a knwon supported Browser such as Chrome / Brave / Edge
This is the Player Selection Screen

Choose how many players

  1. Select how many people will make music at the same time - one or two players
  2. Toggle the simple mode on for an easier to use version
  3. Click the Start Button to continue to the next screen
Not working? Common Issues / Troubleshooting
  1. Camera was not granted permission by the browser
  2. Browser is too old / out of date try Chrome / Brave / Edge
This is the Synthesizer

It is controlled using your head

Diagram explaining that head position and mouth control the key and amplitude
Tilt your head
Not working?
Common Issues / Troubleshooting
  1. Camera was not allowed access
  2. Browser too old / out of date
  3. If your MIDI device is not found, try connecting it directly to a USB port, rather than through a hub or USB-C convertor
  4. If your face is not found, try and improve the brightness in the room by turning on some lights

Still not working? Try resetting your options :

Version 0.8.30

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